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Handelsvertretung Jasmund

Für Bau & Bauelemente

Owner: Harry Jasmund

Rehwinkel 8

53783 Eitorf


Phone: 0049 2243 8475-107

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As global concerns become increasingly prominent in the news, more and more people are choosing to join VEKA in its commitment to the Environment. VEKA has been at the forefront of environmental solutions for almost as long as PVC-U has existed as a home improvement material.

Since 1993, VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH, has operated Europe's most advanced PVC-U recycling plant in the Thuringian town of Behringen. VEKA believes that discarded windows, doors and roller shutters made of synthetic materials should not end up as landfill but rather be ethically reused for further production in a closed loop recycling programme.

Everyone knows the many benefits of PVC-U as a strong and durable, weather-resistant material - but not enough people fully realise its potential to be recycled. Did you know, for example, that a window can be recycled up to ten times? That's a window with a 400 year lifespan!

Early in 2007, VEKA plc initiated what is thought

to be the biggest-ever recycling initiative of its kind, with

the launch of VEKA Recycling. VEKA Recycling accepts not

only virgin offcuts from manufacturing processes - but also

old and weathered frames which are being replaced.

Homeowners can rest assured then that their old frames

will not be carelessly sent to landfill but will be sent to our

specialised recycling plant to be processed and eventually

re-made into new windows.

VEKA made a substantial investment in its primary

processing facility in Kent, which links major

refurbishment sites. It collects and

collates manufacturing off-cuts, as well as

old window frames - whether or not they were

originally produced by VEKA.

The purpose of the Kent-based facility is not only to

collate the entire recycling operation but also to

process the material into a form that can be transported

more fuel-efficiently to VEKA Umwelttechnik – avoiding

the irony of wasting natural resources in order to save them.

VEKA Recycling in Germany is only one part of a growing

global commitment by VEKA Worldwide, which has already

seen similar initiatives launched in a number of other countries.

Up to now, old windows removed from houses and commercial

refurbishments have often been referred to as ‘end-of-life.’

Now, VEKA Recycling has shown that the end of each window’s life is really only the beginning.

The VEKA system that is ready for future requirements

Product description

We, the „Handelsvertretung Jasmund für Bau und Bauelemente“ are a company founded in Germany in 1990 with headquarters in Eitorf that deals with windows and doors in Germany and the Benelux countries. Our window and door companies process including VEKA profile systems. Therefore we can offer you a variety of system options.

Now we introduce the new profile system soft line 82 accurately before.